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A PHOTO COPY OF MY DRIVER’S LICENSE OR PICTURE ID CARD, SOCIAL SECURITY CARD and LATEST PAY CHECK STUB(S) will be provided if not taken by the person taking this application. I declare that the application is complete, true and correct and I herewith give my permission for anyone contacted to release the credit or personal information of the undersigned applicant to Landlord/Management or their Authorized Agents, at any time. I further authorize Landlord/Management directly or through a third party to verify the application information including but not limited to obtaining criminal records, contacting creditors, present or former landlords, my tenant history, my check writing history, employers and personal references, whether listed or not, at the time of the application and at any time in the future, with regard to any agreement entered into with Landlord/Management . Any false information will constitute ground for rejection of the application, or Landlord/Management may at any time immediately terminate any agreement entered into in reliance upon misinformation given on this application.